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Forest Conservation Efforts Succeed: Triveni Tree Translocation Campaign in Bazpur Sets an Example

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Bhonpuram Khabari, Rudrapur: In a remarkable display of commitment to environmental preservation, a tree translocation campaign was conducted at the Shri Ram Bhawan Dharamshala complex in Bazpur of district Udham Singh Nagar, which started on February 9 this year. The campaign concluded on Monday and witnessed the successful relocation of a large Triveni tree group comprising Banyan, Peepal, and Neem trees.

Mayank Tiwari, a member of the Uttarakhand Wildlife Board, emphasized the significance of inclusive development and the urgent need for forestry conservation during the campaign. Tiwari said that the translocation process was a valuable tool for environmental protection, highlighting its potential in bolstering security measures, flood management, sustainable resource management, and socio-economic development.

Under the guidance of tree translocation expert Ajay Nagar from Delhi and local environmental activist Amit Saini, the ancient Triveni tree was relocated from its original location at the Shri Ram Bhawan Dharamshala to the Shriradhe Krishna Gauseva Sadan premises in village Lakhanpur, a distance of two kilometres.

Over the course of four months, Nagar and his team meticulously severed the old roots while preserving the tree’s vitality using appropriate chemicals. With the emergence of new leaves, the tree was carefully lifted by two large cranes and loaders, and successfully transplanted to its new home.

“Despite minor trunk damage during the lifting process, we applied a protective chemical coating. It is expected that new leaves will emerge within a month, signifying the transplanted tree’s role as a symbol of environmental conservation in the future”, Nagar said.

“The Triveni tree, revered for several decades, was ceremoniously worshipped at the local Shri Ram Bhawan Dharamshala before its relocation. Mayank Tiwari, along with other dignitaries, initiated the auspicious work by breaking a coconut. The administration officials and police also extended their congratulations to Nagar and the Green Bazpur Clean Bazpur team for the successful completion of the project”, said activist Saini, adding that this translocation campaign is a significant step towards environmental protection and the preservation of forestry in Uttarakhand.

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