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Delays in Rudrapur bypass construction cause concern amid NHAI’s accelerated efforts

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Bhonpuram Khabari, Rudrapur: Amid the National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI) intensified endeavours, concerns loom over the delayed construction of the Rudrapur bypass—a critical project aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in the region. NHAI has expedited the paperwork for the construction of the Rudrapur bypass, a crucial initiative aimed at mitigating traffic congestion in Rudrapur. The project involves connecting NH 74 to NH 87 through a 21.746 km bypass, which is anticipated to greatly alleviate traffic woes.

Efforts have been made to streamline the land acquisition process which faced setbacks due to factors including changes in Special Land Acquisition Officers (SLAOs). Seven villages were affected by the land acquisition, and compensation determination had been hindered by administrative changes and delays. Notably, the project was earlier proposed to start in March this year, but the contract with the executive body was cancelled later.

SLAO Kaustub Mishra said, “The project’s timeline gained momentum after NHAI signed a contract with Gawar Construction Private Limited on May 18. The stipulated commencement of construction within 180 days from the contract signing underscores the urgency of the project. Compensation has been finalized for over 59 hectares of acquired land in some villages, including Bagwala, Koladia, Matkota, and Kalyanpur. However, an additional acquisition of 3.83 hectares necessitated a new round of compensation determination, which is currently underway”.

Sanjay Juneja, President of the City Traders’ Union, said, “The Rudrapur bypass is a long-awaited solution for the persistent traffic congestion that has been hampering the growth of our city’s businesses. Its acceleration brings a ray of hope to the local economy.”

Another voice, that of Gurjap Singh, a local farmer, highlights the challenges faced by some. “While the bypass promises convenience, my family’s livelihood is tied to the land that was acquired. The compensation delay has put us in a difficult situation, affecting our daily life and agricultural activities.”

A notable issue arose concerning the designation of the Special Land Acquisition Officer in the initial gazette notification, confusing the compensation process. This was rectified through a corrigendum issued by NHAI on June 15, clarifying the designation as SLAO, Nainital/Udham Singh Nagar.

Mishra said, “The Rudrapur bypass project holds paramount importance for the region’s infrastructure enhancement. The initiative is poised to provide respite from traffic congestion and contribute to the improved connectivity of the national road network. As the NHAI strives to expedite the project, affected individuals are being informed about their compensation”.

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